Pie Day Wedding

This weekend has been an absolute blur! On Saturday, I made 16 pies for a friend’s wedding. The wedding was also on Pi day and so naturally, they had pie at the reception!

But let me tell you something…making 16 pies are no joke and no easy task. To make sure I had enough of each ingredient, I had calculated the total measurements of each ingredient per pie times four, add each ingredient to other pies, and buy it all in bulk in order for it to be cost efficient. Just to list off a few, I ended up needing 29 cups of flour, 12 cups of butter, 10 cups of chocolate chips, 18 cups of whole milk, and about 120 oz of fresh raspberries. Whew.


After days of cutting in butter, chilling, rolling, and crumbling graham cracker crumbs, all the shells crusts were finally done.


I made four of each kind of pie, which totaled 16. I unfortunately forgot to get a shot of the apple pie.




Once we were able to get the pies safety to the wedding, I was finally able to breath a sigh of relief. The rest of the day was beautiful. It was so great seeing old friends again and being able to put all worries aside and just celebrate! Cheers to the bride and groom, wishing you both the very best!


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