I don’t think anyone could have imagined 2020 looking like it does today. So many people were excited to be ringing in a new decade. I was looking forward to it being an “even year” again. I like even years. Dunno why. The year 2020 had celebrations, weddings, graduations, all planned out and ready to roll. Then the world went on lock down. Not just this city or state or nation, but the world.

Looking back, I ask, do I like this “even year” so far? There has been so much going on. It’s June which means the year is already half over. Who knows how much longer the quarantine life is going to be like this. In a way, I cherish this slower pace of life. But it made me think. Will I miss this quarantine period? Have I changed in anyway from the start of quarantine to this point today? Can I say that this time period has made me a better person, despite the circumstances of this world? When the future young ones ask me about what quarantine was like, can I look back and be proud of how I handled it?

One of the joys quarantine has given me is to be able to cook more in the kitchen. Before shelter in place, I would not get home in time to make dinner for the family or I would arrive too exhausted from the commute. It’s been fun brainstorming what meal to make next and trying the new dishes out. One of these days I’ll post the recipes to the food below, but for now, here is a collection of what has been cooking in the kitchen.

Harvested all the Japanese Spinach in the garden before they flowered and turned bitter.
Spaghetti Carbonara
Sweet Chili Chicken
I tried making homemade dumpling wrappers and filling for the first time. Newfound respect
Florentine Lasagna
Mussels and Clams with white wine, shallots, and parsley
English Muffins. I tested three different recipes in this quarantine period and the Model Bakery recipe came out on top. Second place was Tartine Bakery, and third place was Paul Hollywood’s recipe.
Lamb Chops
Pot Roast Recipe from Magnolia Table
Shanghai Pan Fried Pork Buns

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